Recording Services

Anteflow Records, Inc. offers a variety of recording solutions, including but not limited to live multitrack recording, remote multitrack studio solutions, and various contracted services, as the needs of the recording session dictate.


Live Recording

We offer a variety of ways to multitrack live shows, including USB or Dante™® to Tracks Live, ProTools, Logic, Nuendo/Cubase, and Ableton. If Anteflow Records, Inc. is also your live production company, we can record your multitrack recording directly onto multimedia flash card, to be imported into your session later. 

Remote Multitrack Recording

If you should need to record your project in a remote cabin in Gatlinburg, or want to reserve your favorite theater space, we have solutions that will bring pristine audio to your recording concept. We can assemble the perfect package for your needs, allowing multiple monitor mixes, 32 inputs, and a comprehensive microphone package. 

Engineering Services

We provide contract engineering/production for tracking and overdubbing sessions. We also provide world class post-production work, from excellent editing, comping, tuning skills to world-class mixing and mastering.