Always Striving For The Source...

The word "anteflow" is an amalgamation of the prefix "ante", meaning "before" and the word "flow". The word was intended to describe a creative river. Thus, in attempting to capture pure music, we would attempt to capture it in an objective, transparent, and unaltered form. If you've ever had mountain spring water, then you understand what I'm getting at. The closer you can get to capturing something at its source, then the purer and more enlightened the experience is likely to be.

Great audio engineers know that every device that audio passes through affects the signal in some way. Sometimes we desire the change, and sometimes we tolerate this change. But the metaphor still stands up either way. Anteflow Records, Inc. is dedicated to the truest representation of our source material, in the studio, on stage, or on the airwaves. 

Jonathan Maness


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